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Minecraft Trial APK is an open-ended game where you decide what adventure you want to take part in. And in this free trial, you will experience Minecraft in survival mode, where you craft weapons and armor to fight dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive!

Information about Minecraft Trial

Tên Minecraft Trial
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Capacity 292.32 MBB
Category minecraft
Developer Mojang
Price Free
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About Minecraft Trial

Minecraft Trial APK is a trial version of Minecraft for players who want to get started and experience this open-world survival game. In the Minecraft Trial APK game world, you'll embody a character to survive and explore the world in your own way.

You'll have complete freedom to design the world as you like it, where each player becomes a writer of their own unique game story. This is what makes Minecraft Trial Online so popular, as it doesn't adhere to any predefined rules, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

With various building methods, strategies, and different choices, you will discover various ways to play and develop. You will be both a creator, a hero, a victim, and a laborer in the game world you create.

The nature of Minecraft Trial New Update always emphasizes freedom, flexibility, and the current-future structure, succinct and logical causality.

Minecraft Trial Gameplay

Gameplay of Minecraft Trial

Although Minecraft Trial doesn't have all the features of Minecraft, it still offers the essential features to let you build everything with basic elements: characters, weapons, materials, and entry points into space.

In Minecraft Trial, you assemble colored blocks to create your own world and initiate your story in any way you like, crafting your resources to mine and develop everything around you, creating different types of enemies to fight against and demonstrating your combat skills.

Movement in Minecraft Trial is quite straightforward:

  • Bottom left: Four navigation buttons and one button in the middle for jumping.
  • You can change the viewing angle by touching and dragging to the desired position, ensuring the most realistic and accurate perspective for the player.

Survival Mode

Minecraft Trial Version allows players to test themselves in Survival mode with the default difficulty set to Normal. Nevertheless, your experiences will still be exciting as you explore many special features of the Minecraft Trial game before using the official version.

Of course, in Survival mode, your goal is to survive various challenges. To survive, you'll need to perform activities such as hunting animals, collecting blocks, wood, crafting a safe shelter, and creating weapons and equipment. You have to search for raw materials to craft tools on your own.


Minecraft Trial Version offers two maps in this trial version, including a Survival map and some restricted areas on the map to provide the best experiences for players.

Unique Equipment and Weapons

The available weapons for beginners in Minecraft Trial are just a shovel, a knife, and a hammer, but later on, you can upgrade by crafting more complex, more powerful weapons.

For special items like wood, bamboo, and colorful flowers, you need to harvest them before they can be used.

Diverse In-Game Animals

Despite being a trial version, Minecraft Trial APK still provides a full range of in-game animals, with various species to choose from:

  • Tameable animals: These are easy-to-tame animals because they are friendly, and you can turn them into pets or companions on your journey to conquer the world of Minecraft Trial. Some species include cats, horses, and oxen.

  • Neutral animals: These animals won't harm you unless you actively attack them, in which case they may retaliate. Examples include wolves and polar bears.
  • Mobs: If you encounter mobs in Minecraft Trial, you'll need to find a way to survive or escape from them, as they will attack you as soon as they see you.

Sharp Graphics, Immersive Sound

Beautiful Graphics

When you use Minecraft Trial, you will experience very beautiful graphics, characterized by simple but vividly colored blocks that give you a sense of complexity and variety, allowing players to be endlessly creative.

The scenery and characters in the game are designed in an eye-catching way using cubic blocks, creating a fun and unique experience compared to other typical survival games. This is what has made Minecraft Trial so famous.

Immersive Sound

A game with good sound quality will help players feel the vividness and authenticity of the game world, enhancing the excitement of exploring the endless world through an Android phone screen.

Download Minecraft Trial APKGosu

If you want to enjoy the exciting experiences from the world's hottest survival game, don't hesitate to download Minecraft Trial APKGosu now to experience building your world your way!


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