DMCA - Apkgosu

APKGosu is committed to respecting intellectual property rights and follows the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) closely. We promptly address any reported infringement cases.

Responding to Infringement Claims

If infringement is claimed on our site, we act fast, usually by removing or limiting access to the content. We also contact the developer who posted the content, allowing them to issue a counter notification as per DMCA rules.

Advice for Legal Notices

We advise seeking legal advice before submitting an infringement notice or counter-notice, to understand your rights and obligations under the DMCA and other laws. Our guidelines meet DMCA's Section 512(c) requirements but are not legal advice.

How to Report Copyright Infringement

To report infringement on APKGosu, include:

  1. Authorized signature of the developer or team.
  2. A clear description of the infringed work.
  3. URLs for quick content location.
  4. Your contact details: address, phone number, and email if available.
  5. A statement of your good faith belief in the unauthorized use of the material.
  6. Confirmation of the complaint's accuracy under the risk of perjury, acknowledging that false claims can lead to legal consequences, including damages.
  7. For Infringement Notices

Email infringement notices to We handle these matters seriously and in accordance with DMCA standards.