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On October 5, 2023, Mojang released a completely new Minecraft 1.20.32 APK update, this version marked an exciting new development for this extremely popular sandbox game. This update specifically focuses on improving Features, with the aim of creating more magical and unique adventures. Below is a detailed look at the notable features and improvements in Minecraft 1.20.32 APK that you should know about.

Information about Minecraft

Tên Minecraft
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Version 1.20.32
Capacity 205 MB
Category minecraft
Developer Mojang
Price Free
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About Minecraft

Minecraft is a famous sandbox game, belonging to the open-world genre with endless blocky landscapes, and it has now entered the history of the multi-platform gaming world. Markus "Notch" Persson, a Swedish programmer, is the creator of Minecraft, and the first version was released on TIGSource on May 17, 2009. By 2011, the game officially started releasing versions on various platforms, and from then on, Minecraft became well-known and began to grow rapidly. In 2014, Microsoft acquired the rights to Minecraft, bringing the game under the management of Xbox Game Studios. Minecraft continued to advance and became an icon in the gaming world with its creativity and freedom it offered to players.

Up to now, Minecraft has released updates with many improvements announced in the game's various versions. For example, the Minecraft 1.20.32 APK version, recently introduced, officially adds several new elements to previous features such as Cherry Blossom Forests, ancient relics, the experience of planting ancient trees, customizable armor, crafting, and decorating various items.

Furthermore, this update, known as "Tales and Trails," has received a warm reception from the Minecraft APK gaming community. With unique options and appealing modifications, this update promises to bring new and exciting experiences to players.

Archaeology - Explore Ancient Ruins

Minecraft 1.20.32 APK in introduces a unique archaeology feature that allows players to discover many ancient artifacts, especially when exploring various large ancient structures. Depending on the location you choose to explore, you can find various items at different sites.

For example, when you venture into arid desert regions, you need to look for suspicious-looking stones or unusual sand deposits. Afterward, you can use a brush to sweep away dirt, rocks, and collect valuable pottery shards with unique patterns. These pottery pieces will come in various types. You can collect them to craft beautiful vases and decorate your own world.

Customize Armor - Create Unique Armor Sets

Minecraft 1.20.32 Official has also introduced customization for armor sets. Now you can change your armor pieces using the patterns you have or purchase from the in-game store. Mojang has added 10 new patterns for you to choose from, offering a variety of unique options for your armor sets.

Moreover, you no longer need to craft diamond armor yourself; you can directly purchase them from NPC Armorer characters in the villages. To buy diamond armor, you'll need a substantial number of diamonds or emeralds for trading, so consider this carefully. Diamond armor is the most durable and safest armor in the Minecraft world.

Resource Abundance in Cherry Blossom Forests

As seen in previous versions, the Cherry Blossom Forest is not only beautiful but also provides many resources for players to gather. The Minecraft 1.20.32 PE APK update allows you to mine wood from cherry blossom trees, which are exceptionally unique due to their pink color. You can use this wood to create impressive structures and items. Additionally, you can collect cherry blossom petals that fall on the ground and use them to craft beautiful pink dyes. These dyes can be used for various creative purposes, creating a world of stunning and dreamy pink.

Bug Fixes - Enhanced Experience

To improve the optimal gaming experience, the free Minecraft 1.20.32 update has officially fixed several bugs. One of the fixes may be related to issues like placing too many directional signs in the same world you own, making it easier for you to use the keyboard on your device. Additionally, issues related to spiders appearing on or near control buttons have been modified to make your gaming experience easier than ever. Moreover, issues regarding purchased content not transferring to Microsoft accounts when you log in have been thoroughly addressed.


Minecraft 1.20.32 APK is an update that brings a host of exciting improvements, especially for the new features in the Minecraft world. Are you ready for this new update? If so, download and experience it now. Furthermore, you are encouraged to explore your Android phone on a journey of discovering new and exciting things in the vast world of Minecraft. Have fun and enjoy your gaming experience!

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