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The game Minecraft has become one of the world games that has attracted millions of players globally. But to get to where it is today, Mojang continuously updates and releases new versions. Specifically, PE version will be mentioned today. Launched in early 2022, until now this version still maintains its advantage in the number of daily users. Below is a detailed article about this Minecraft APK version.

Information about Minecraft

Tên Minecraft
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Capacity 139 M
Category minecraft
Developer Mojang
Price Free
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About Minecraft

As you may know, Minecraft has reached a massive player milestone and that number continues to grow. It is a sandbox game that was first produced in 2009 and officially launched on all platforms in 2011.

Developed by Mojang Studios, an exclusive developer of this game. After 2021, this game became the best-selling game in history with over 140 million copies sold, and it continues to hold its position.

Minecraft APK Beta Xbox Version

Minecraft APK is a trial version of the Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) game for Android and other mobile devices. Developed and exclusively released by Mojang, this trial version has brought new improvements and exciting features.

It was launched in early 2022 as a Beta version and has since continued to improve and release the official version. Minecraft APK has consistently delivered perfect gaming experiences and new discoveries, and to this day, it remains a favorite despite previous versions. Let's explore its features below.

Features in Minecraft APK Latest Version

This version brings many exciting updates that you should try, including:

New Frogs: In this version, frogs in the Minecraft world no longer eat flies but instead, they eat various things. This has brought a change to the game's ecosystem.

New Blocks: World generation in the game has also changed, including blocks like cocoa beans, which no longer break when placed on the edge of a block. Multi-faced blocks like Glow Lichen have also undergone more precise changes.

New Gameplay: The Observer block has a bright state when in a chest and can be broken when it blinks. Avoids can no longer spawn with light-emitting items like Torch, Sign, and Banner. Pillager Outposts spawn the correct number of Pillagers and Golems.

New Graphics Design: After moving by boat, the boat no longer disappears but gradually moves farther away. The boat's sails have also been adjusted to have a color similar to the boat.

New Mobs: You can use a lead to control untamed Ocelots or Cats. Guardians and Elder Guardians now target not only players and enemies but also other things around them.

Improved User Interface: Pocket UI is used to make the tabs on the screen more accurate, and it has fixed the interaction issues between players worldwide.

New World Generation: Structures like Chests and Monsters can now be produced and displayed more accurately.

Technical Updates in Minecraft APK

In addition to the game's new features, this version also provides some significant technical improvements such as:

Improved Game Performance and Stability: This helps reduce memory usage and download times for apps, making the game run smoother than ever before.

New Testing Framework: Includes new functions and properties like setVelocity, viewVector, position, and bodyRotation.

New Animations: Events and sound effects have been designed to be more realistic and time-appropriate.

Overview: Fixed issues related to converting formats from a string of code to a numerical value. The Caves and Cliffs update in the flat world is no longer limited to 64 blocks as before.

New Molang: Added alland query.any to check if any values match other values or not. Added in_rangeto and query.in_range to check values within a minimum and maximum range.

Precautions Before Downloading Minecraft APK

Before downloading and experiencing the Minecraft APK version, you need to consider some important things:

  • The Beta version will completely replace the existing Minecraft version on your device, so think carefully before deciding.
  • You cannot access Realms with players using the Beta version or other versions.
  • You cannot open worlds from previous versions in this Minecraft Beta version. Create a backup or a copy of the world you created before.
  • Beta versions are often unstable, and quality is not guaranteed, so use them with caution.


Minecraft APK is one of the latest versions available for Android devices, exclusively provided by Mojang. With many new features and performance improvements, this version offers a completely new gaming experience. I have also experienced it, and everything seems to be fine, but remember that different Android devices may have different configurations. Read this article carefully and enjoy your gaming experience, wishing you success!

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