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Dragons: Rise Of Berk APK's plot revolves around an extremely popular and well-known movie in the film industry. The game has created a huge buzz since its launch, surprising many people. So how did this small game become so popular? The following article will partly explain to you some of the following reasons.

Information about Dragons: Rise of Berk

Tên Dragons: Rise of Berk
Compatible with Android 5.1 +
Version 1.84.3
Capacity 112 MBB
Category game simulation
Developer Jam City, Inc.
Price Free
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About Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise Of Berk APK is based on a highly popular movie titled "How to Train Your Dragon." In a society where dragons are the ruling species, there is a tradition known as "dragon-slaying" for those who are strong. If you can defeat a powerful dragon, you are considered extraordinarily powerful, and others respect and value you for it.

However, is it too cruel to dragons? In the latest version of Dragons: Rise Of Berk, the people in this society are ruthless when it comes to dragon-slaying. Even these innocent creatures have the right to live like any other animals. Recognizing this, our main character intervenes to eliminate these extreme and cruel traditions. By helping dragons and their people erase the animosity, they can coexist peacefully and harmoniously.

But not everything is absolute; there are still many extremists in the tribe who refuse to abandon their traditions. They have formed a group specialized in capturing and killing innocent dragons. Our main character inadvertently crosses paths with these villains, and the story of Dragons: Rise Of Berk Online begins.

You will assume the role of this main character and take on the dangerous and challenging task of maintaining peace and safety for both the tribe and the dragon species. Malevolent individuals are always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to attack to restore the old ways, satisfying their desires and cruelty.

Engaging Gameplay in the Latest Version of Dragons: Rise Of Berk

In Dragons: Rise Of Berk, your goal is to nurture dragons to use them as fighting companions against the villains. You will have to explore and venture to collect precious dragon eggs, which are the primary source of your dragon companions. Collecting dragon eggs is just the beginning; you'll need to care for them too.

You'll become a legitimate dragon mother. To raise your baby dragons, you'll need to find suitable locations with abundant resources and safety. These creatures love to eat fresh and delicious fish, so to help them grow quickly and become true dragon warriors, you need to feed them well every day. When they age up, they'll gain new skills and gradually become self-sufficient, no longer requiring your care, and they can grow incredibly fast. Additionally, their combat abilities will develop over time, and at a certain level, they will be capable of assisting you in battling the evil ones.

Variety of Dragon Species in the Latest Version of Dragons: Rise Of Berk

To prevent players from getting bored, Dragons: Rise Of Berk for Android offers a wide variety of dragon species. With the central idea taken from the movie, these dragons are faithfully depicted with unique characteristics, personalities, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Each dragon is distinct, so you need to understand and grasp them clearly. Only then can you let your warriors participate in battles and defeat the evil ones efficiently. You can upgrade their power and skills by using the game's rewards.


Dragons: Rise Of Berk for Android is a game with a unique and outstanding storyline. It promises to provide players with rare and enjoyable experiences. The game has been incredibly successful by incorporating the movie's content into an appealing game that many fans of the movie enjoy. Try downloading the latest version of Dragons: Rise Of Berk from APKGosu and experience this game now!

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