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Zooba APK is a Battle Royal survival game but with a very youthful and diverse form. The game received a lot of praise from the online community and players. Discover now what's special about this game.

Information about Zooba

Tên Zooba
Compatible with Android 6.0 and up
Version 4.36.0
Capacity 218.01 MBB
Category game action
Developer Wildlife Studios
Price Free
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About Zooba

The Zooba APK brings you a familiar yet unique survival gaming experience. Originally a Battle Royale genre game, your mission remains to fight together to be the last one standing. But instead of fiery explosive battles like in games such as PUBG or Free Fire, Zooba offers a fresh perspective by featuring zoo animals as characters. If you win, you become the ruler of the animal kingdom.

When you first enter Zooba APKGosu, you'll choose your favorite animal to start your battle, which can be considered a deadly arena. With empty hands and no gear, you'll strive to collect weapons, items, basic skills, and defeat other players to become the top predator. From shooting, moving, to sneaking up on opponents, you'll need to coordinate actions to eliminate your enemies. But that's not all you need to do. Along with defeating enemies, you must ensure your own safety within a shrinking circle, just like in other survival games. If you exit this circle within the time limit, you'll be eliminated from the battle. Winning the game will earn you valuable rewards.

Many Unique Characters

The character system in Zooba is full of cuteness, giving players a delightful feeling. Fierce wolves, adorable rabbits, and various other animals all have their unique charm, adding to the appeal of Zooba APK. Each character has different stats, shooting power, and different weapons.

As you level up and accumulate more coins, you can unlock additional characters. Make sure to learn about each character's abilities and apply suitable strategies to dominate your opponents.

Diverse Weapons and Items

Do you think the latest Zooba APK version doesn't offer many weapons? Think again! The game provides a wide selection of excellent weapons. From short-range rifles, powerful spears that pierce through opponents, to accurate shots from a bow, everything is available in Zooba's diamond-filled world. You can easily switch between these weapons in your inventory, but keep in mind that you can only carry a maximum of three weapons, so choose powerful ones to increase your chances of winning. If you can't collect them, you can eliminate opponents and loot their weapons.

In each match, alongside weapons placed for players to collect and attack opponents, a large number of items also appear. They are usually found in visible locations with common items and more hidden spots with valuable ones. These items serve as excellent support during battles. Pay attention to searching in hidden places like the seaside cliffs or dense forests.

Exciting Game Modes in Zooba

Zooba APKGosu offers players two enjoyable modes to switch between:

  • Solo mode: In this mode, you'll compete on your own, testing your individual skills and survival instincts.
  • Duo mode: You'll team up with a friend, a trusted ally, and together become rulers of the animal kingdom.

Overall, each game mode has its unique appeal. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the mode that suits you best.

Graphics and Sound

With lightweight 2D graphics, Zooba APK receives positive feedback in this regard. It's not overly sophisticated or elegant like other Battle Royale games, but its simplicity is what makes it appealing and fun for players of all ages. It offers a survival world with a cartoonish style that's suitable for different hardware configurations, including less powerful devices. Therefore, you don't need to worry about whether you can download Zooba APK for Android and play it. Zooba takes you into an intense and exciting battle where there's no room for mistakes. Join the fight by downloading Zooba APK for free on APKGosu.

The sound in the latest Zooba APK version has several highlights. First, the background music is excellent and fits the game's atmosphere perfectly. Next is the combat sound of the characters. Each movement and shot is realistically simulated with a touch of humor. Additionally, each animal has its unique and interesting sound.


With what APKGosu has shared, you can see how Zooba APK truly is. It's not as flashy as PUBG, but it offers a simple yet addictive gameplay that's hard to find in other games. One significant advantage of this game is its youthful 2D graphics, making it compatible with various device configurations, even weaker ones. This means you don't have to worry about downloading Zooba APK for Android and playing it. Zooba takes you into a thrilling and intense battle where there's no room for mistakes. Join the fight by downloading Zooba APK for free on APKGosu.

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