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The entertainment game Wolf Girl With You APK possesses extremely satisfying animated graphics and comedic performances of the character Liru, a character known as the wolf girl with mystical beauty. The game is one of the quite new journeys in the video game industry, now let's learn more about this game.

Information about Wolf Girl With You

Tên Wolf Girl With You
Compatible with Android 8.0 +
Capacity 1.6 GB
Category game simulation
Developer Seismic
Price Free
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About Wolf Girl With You

Wolf Girl With You APK (initially known as the Liru Project) is a mobile electronic game in the visual novel anime genre, produced by Seismic, a well-known game developer. This game gained a lot of attention from gamers, especially due to its stunning graphics and the incredibly cute character, Liru (a wolf girl). This game has officially taken the lead in the world of Android mobile gaming.

Wolf Girl With You APK features interactive gameplay that is simple yet captivating. Why? The interactive gameplay introduces new sensations as you interact with various aspects of the main character. Furthermore, you will interact and take actions with other characters to influence the storyline according to your preferences.

Engaging Gameplay

In Wolf Girl With You mobile, you play as a young man living with a mysterious wolf girl named Liru, who is both beautiful and enchanting. Your meeting with Liru is fateful, and life's influences have brought you and Liru together, commencing your adventures.

Your lives, alongside Liru, are filled with joyful neighbors and exciting activities. Interesting, right? Subsequently, you both live like a couple and engage in various daily activities, such as dining, watching TV, and other leisure activities. Your choices will affect the relationship between you and Liru.

Graphics and Sound

An noteworthy aspect of the latest version of Wolf Girl With You is the high-quality animated graphics and the dazzling reflection of each detail in the game. Liru, the game's main character, is beautifully and vividly designed, from her sparkling eyes to her natural gestures and expressions.

The game's sound is also outstanding and instantly captivating. It features charming background music and romance that perfectly complements the game's vibrant scenes and colorful environment. Liru, the main character, is also professionally voiced, making our wolf girl even more lifelike than ever.

Lively Gameplay

Essentially, Wolf Girl With You is a free visual novel game in which you read and interact through choices you make. Each choice leads to different outcomes and storylines, directly affecting the relationship between you and Liru. Furthermore, there are numerous scenes and different situations to explore, making your decisions a fresh adventure each time.

Game Review

As you already know, Wolf Girl With You for Android captivates players not only with its beautiful graphics but also with the way it builds a touching relationship and story between the main character and Liru. Although the gameplay is not overly complex, it still seems to provide an incredibly memorable experience for players.


Wolf Girl With You APK is a game for those who love the visual novel genre and want to experience a cute and adventurous love story between a young man and a wolf girl. With stunning graphics, vibrant sound, and an engaging storyline, I believe this game will not disappoint you. So, go ahead and experience Wolf Girl With You APK today!

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