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Embark on a charming adventure with Viva Project APK, where you interact with lifelike AI anime characters. With more than 200 unique animations and responsive technology, the game offers an immersive and playful experience. Unlock adorable loli characters by completing engaging tasks, and foster meaningful bonds through interactive gameplay. Perfect for anime enthusiasts craving a touch of AI magic in their gaming sessions.

Information about Viva Project

Tên Viva Project
Compatible with Android 5.1 +
Version 1.2
Capacity 549.16 MBB
Category game role playing
Developer Poison Pill
Price Miễn phí
Path to Play Store

About Viva Project

Embark on an enchanting journey into the whimsical world of Viva Project APK, a mobile game that melds the love of anime with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Designed for enthusiasts of interactive gaming and anime aesthetics, Viva Project stands out as a heartwarming and engaging experience that transports players into a realm where the lines between technology and art converge to create something truly unique.

From the outset, Viva Project APK captivates players with its vibrant world filled with over 200 unique animated expressions of AI characters. Developed by a team of talented creators, the game has quickly garnered attention within communities dedicated to anime and AI technology. The unique draw of Viva Project lies in its utilization of inverse kinematics technology, allowing for responsive and natural character movements that bring these animated beings to life in a way that feels both intuitive and delightful.

Unique AI Characters

Viva Project APK charms with its array of anime AI characters, each boasting their own distinct personalities and a greater level of interactivity than one might expect. The game leverages inverse kinematics to match your movements, allowing characters to respond in a naturally endearing manner. Furthermore, each character is crafted with over 200 unique animations, ranging from adorable expressions to complex actions, inviting players to explore the multifaceted personalities housed within the game.

Diverse Interactions

More than a mere interactive title, Viva Project is an advanced AI simulation that offers a myriad of ways to engage with the characters. The state of each AI character reacts to how they are treated, providing a dynamic that ranges from playful antics to caring for them, even allowing players to assume the role of a big brother or sister. This creates a multifaceted and entertaining interactive experience that resonates on an emotional level.

Distinctive Loli Characters

Notably, Viva Project is famed for its inclusion of unique and adorable loli characters—youthful-looking characters that add a layer of cuteness to the game. Unlocking these characters requires completing various tasks and challenges within the game, adding an element of fun and intrigue as players delve deeper into what Viva Project has to offer.

Features of Viva Project APK Latest Version

Enhanced Interaction: Characters respond to player actions with natural reactions, thanks to the inverse kinematics technology, enriching the sense of a real interaction.

Dynamic Animation Variety: The game boasts over 200 unique animations, allowing the characters to exhibit a range of emotions and complex actions that make each interaction feel fresh and engaging.

Multidimensional Interactions: Players are given the freedom to interact with the characters in various ways, from playing enjoyable mini-games to nurturing a heartfelt relationship with them.

Exclusive Loli Characters: The game features numerous loveable loli characters that players can unlock by completing certain tasks and challenges, thereby enriching the game's fun and challenging aspects.

A Unique Interactive Experience with Viva Project APK for Android

Viva Project offers more than a typical gameplay experience; it invites you to become part of the AI anime characters' story and life. You can create memorable moments, engage in fun activities such as mini-games, and even take on a nurturing role with your character. Their state will reflect how they are treated by you, enabling you to become the cherished sibling they dream of.

Furthermore, the game includes a range of extremely adorable loli characters that challenge you to unlock them. This requires creativity and the completion of various tasks, allowing you to explore more interesting and unique aspects of the game.


Viva Project APK is a one-of-a-kind interactive game that offers the chance to engage with unique and stylish anime AI characters. The use of inverse kinematics, intricate actions, and character diversity come together to offer a compelling interactive experience. Prepare to delve into the colorful and lovable world of Viva Project and become a treasured friend to these adorable characters!


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