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If you are bored with action role-playing games or puzzle games, today we will change to a new name for mobile devices, an attractive game with follow-up. The visual novel form has been Vietnameseized by Ichibikun. It's called Teaching Feeling APK and in the following article we will learn more specifically.

Information about Teaching Feelings

Tên Teaching Feelings
Compatible with Android 6.0 +
Version updating
Capacity 830 MB
Category game simulation
Developer FreakilyCharming
Price Free
Path to Play Store

About Teaching Feelings

Teaching Feeling APK is a visual novel-style game with visuals and sounds deeply rooted in the land of cherry blossoms, allowing players to immerse themselves in the love story of Sylvie. Developed by Ray-K and reviewed in multiple versions by ichibikun, it's a plus that there's a Vietnamese version to enhance the player's experience.

Storyline of Teaching Feeling APK

Players take on the role of a single doctor, always dedicated to their job, living in a small town. One day, a man appears at your doorstep with a young girl in tow. He claims that you are the savior of that man's life, and now he has returned to repay the debt. By taking in this girl, a truly new story begins.


Upon entering Teaching Feelings APKGosu, the player's mission is to help young Sylvie recover her mental and physical health from the outset. This will lead to many deserved rewards in life. Players can also choose the character according to their preferences.

This is a situational game, and the starting point has three choices: Talk, pat on the head, or touch. Choosing any of these actions will lead the story in completely different directions.

Recreate Life

Not only is the player's task to take care of Sylvie, but also to maintain their own life. Earn a living, go shopping, and explore and appreciate the life around you. Sylvie's presence adds many colors to your life. Be understanding, and gradually, Sylvie will respond appropriately to what you have done before.

Human Values in Teaching Feelings APK

Teaching Feelings download apk conveys the humanitarian values of women in a very gentle way. Sylvie's image in this game is fragile, delicate, and seems easily broken. It is your responsibility to understand, protect, and perform beautiful actions to build a better, brighter life. Through this, the game's publisher wants to convey a message about human rights, karma, and similar themes.

Setting up the Latest Version in Teaching Feelings Download

Once the game version has been localized, you only need to install it in the usual way. However, when playing Teaching Feeling mobile, you should note that this game seems not to have an autosave feature. Therefore, remember to manually save specific points in time so that when you log back into the game, you can start right where you left off.

Providing Answers for the Best Outcomes

When you experience Teaching Feeling download, different choices will lead to different outcomes. Naturally, your choices will either bring a happy ending or not.

For example: In a situation where both of you are sharing, and you want to hear what Sylvie has been through. If you simply pat her head without speaking, you won't get the information you need. However, if you gently inquire about her past and show concern, she will open up and tell you everything you want to know.

Teaching Feelings APK Doesn't Require a Key

As far as I know, in the past, the game required a key for downloading. However, recent versions may or may not require one. Nonetheless, we will still provide key support if needed, so feel free to enjoy this amazing Teaching Feelings game.

Tips for Playing Teaching Feelings Vietnamese Version

Many players fail after just 15 days of living with Sylvie. After that time, Sylvie will get quite ill, as it depends directly on how you treated her in the earlier days. So, what should you do to make it right?

- Most importantly: Never choose the "Touch" button. Use the actions of talking and patting her head, and chat with Sylvie during the first few days to build trust and improve her health.

- For the H scene in the game: Offer Sylvie four glasses of wine, and you will receive her affection and intimacy. When Sylvie becomes aroused, the H scene will automatically appear.

- Shop owner event: This is a nighttime event, not during the day. In the evening, you need to go out alone, walk around the town a few times until it starts raining heavily. After that, you can visit the clothing store.

- You can't enter the Shop Shachi in version 2.6.2: Use the "setcosplay" command to fix this issue.

- Game freeze issue: It should work fine with devices running Android 5.0 and above.

- How to successfully buy alcohol: You have to go out alone until Sylvie (Sachi) leaves to buy supplies, and then follow her to make the purchase.

- Unlock the "self-service" button: You need to see an intimate scene with Sylvie to unlock this option.

- Some additional things you may not know: In Teaching Feeling, players can see Sylvie's intimacy level, health, and other sensitive aspects. Therefore, fulfilling her needs, maintaining her intimacy level at 100/100, is crucial.

Experience Teaching Feelings APK Game Today

I can confidently say that there is no game more suitable for single guys than this one. So, hurry up and experience Teaching Feelings APK to enjoy many exciting moments.


In the end, Teaching Feelings APK is an extremely interesting game with many surprises every time you take action, combined with sharp graphics and a captivating storyline deeply ingrained in the player's mind. So, I believe you will never be disappointed with this game; it will provide you with hours of continuous entertainment.

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