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The cat Tom in cartoons is certainly no longer strange to everyone. But now our cat Tom appears in a new image in Talking Tom Gold Run 2 APK. This is a completely new game about the cat Tom who knows how to play and run and is extremely loved and warmly welcomed by all players. Here, you will transform into the cat Tom walking on the path to find the gold that was stolen from Tom and Angela. Everyone must constantly chase evil robbers to get back the lost gold and rebuild their beloved home to make Tom and Angela live under the same roof. With built-in features, along with performing many tasks in the game, it promises to bring exciting moments of entertainment to every player.

Information about Talking Tom Gold Run

Tên Talking Tom Gold Run
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Capacity 133.18 MBB
Category game action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Price Miễn phí
Path to Play Store

About Talking Tom Gold Run

Surely before, everyone has experienced a type of endless running game, similar to Talking Tom Gold Run APK. The common feature between them and Talking Tom Gold Run APK is that they are extremely easy to play. Over the years, we can still see that endless running gameplay has never gone out of style.

With just a few simple finger movements: up - down - left - right - jump - crouch, we can help the cat Tom run, jump, and overcome obstacles to collect gold coins along the way.

Supporting Item Features

Usually, special items appear on the racetrack. They can provide significant support to Tom the cat for a certain period. For example: a helmet, an airplane, a money gathering point, a gold coin multiplier, etc. The task of the players is to move Tom the cat cleverly to collect all these items to progress further on their journey.

Exciting Events When Downloading Talking Tom Gold Run APK

Not only on big holidays during the year, but My Talking Tom Gold Run 2 is always in an exciting state. You will not only enjoy the festive atmosphere in the game, but you will also be able to earn various rewards to enhance Tom's versatility when chasing.

Special Home Upgrade Feature

When you collect gold coins, each time you upgrade your house, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. However, in return, we receive certain privileges. This makes the game more attractive, as it allows you to unlock new and eye-catching playing areas.

Even more special is the main privilege, which is that you can change many other characters such as Angela, Ginger, Ben, Hank, Hyper Tom, and Cyber Angela, not just Tom the cat.

Special Spirit Rewards

After each playthrough, setting a new record, completing missions, etc., not only will you receive gold coins, but you will also receive special rewards with valuable items that are very helpful, such as medals or personal achievement titles to show off to everyone.

Connect with Close Friends

The most interesting point in Talking Tom Gold Run download APK, in general, is that we can connect with friends. This makes the game even more fantastic because it allows us to show off our achievements to our friends.

How to Use Gold Coins in Talking Tom Gold Run

The gold coins collected in Talking Tom Gold Run APKGosu can be used for various purposes. In addition to upgrading Tom's house, you can also use gold coins to purchase the Vault. It is seen as a secondary upgrade in the game.

For example: Increase the amount of gold coins received in each game, supply extra flight time, etc. And they are mostly used to improve characters to conquer different levels.

Multi-purpose Free Talking Tom Gold Run App Configuration

As a highly developed game, Talking Tom Gold Run 2 provides products to users conveniently and quickly. So, if you are using the Android operating system (Android 4.4 and above) or iOS (iOS 9.0 and above), you can download it now. Through this, we can quickly contribute to building a warm home for our beloved cat Tom.

Download the Talking Tom Gold Run APK game for free

If anyone among you is a big fan of Tom the cat, someone who sympathizes with the effort to rebuild the happiness of Tom and Angela, or simply wants to have fun and relax, quickly download Talking Tom Gold Run APK now. With an attractive version, many features, and limited advertising, it will surely bring moments of relaxation on your beloved device.

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