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Minecraft 1.20.50 APK brings a world of innovations - the automation-friendly Crafter Block, mesmerizing cherry forest biome, the resourceful Sniffer creature, and revamped NPC trading. Dive into this refreshing gaming experience now!

Information about Minecraft

Tên Minecraft
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Version 1.20.50
Capacity 210 MB
Category game arcade
Developer Mojang
Price 5.99 $
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About Minecraft

Minecraft, the global gaming phenomenon, has once again struck gold with its latest update - Minecraft 1.20.50 APK. This global sandbox survival game has kept its community eagerly waiting for updates, ensuring continuous engagement and excitement. The newest iteration of the game offers a blend of innovative features and refinements that amplify its allure. Let's delve into what awaits the players.

On October 18th, 2023, Mojang rolled out the Minecraft 1.20.50 APK, an update brimming with compelling features and tweaks, enticing players to dive deeper into the game. Designed to cater to the passionate creativity and exploration streak of players, this version promises a splendid experience that expands the unique block world of Minecraft even further.

Spotlight on New Features Minecraft 1.20.50 APK Beta

1. The Crafter Block:

A standout feature of this release is the Crafter Block. This unique block facilitates the automation of item crafting processes. Players can use the Crafter Block as an alternative to the traditional crafting table. When integrated with Redstone, crafting becomes faster and more efficient, making resource and time management more effective for players.

2. Dive into the Unique Biomes:

Minecraft has always shone with its diverse world of creatures. Version 1.20.50 is no exception. Players now have an opportunity to explore the cherry forest biome, with mesmerizing landscapes and unique pink-textured cherry wood. Venturing into this new world means discovering and mining precious resources.

3. The Sniffer:

The update introduces a unique creature named the Sniffer. This critter has the unique ability to sniff out seeds and valuable items in suspicious sand areas. The exciting part? Players can follow the Sniffer without needing to tame them. With their keen sense of smell, they lead players to uncharted and mysterious terrains.

4. Enhanced NPC Trading:

The 1.20.50 update has also revamped the NPC trading feature. Players can now trade with the NPC Armorer using diamonds or emeralds, obtaining the most robust diamond armor in the game. This enhancement ensures more security while adventuring in perilous zones.

Strengths and Limitations of Minecraft 1.20.50 APK Free


Crafter Block: An innovative feature that automates crafting, saving time and improving efficiency.

Unique Biomes: The cherry forest biome adds a new dimension to exploration and resource gathering.

Sniffer and NPC Trading: These additions enrich and diversify gameplay, making it more immersive.

Graphics and Animal Designs: True to Minecraft's commitment to enhancing graphics, this version introduces new creatures and stunning textures.

Cartographers and Treasure Maps: This enhanced feature aids players in easily locating structures and treasures in the vast Minecraft world.


Beta Version: Being a Beta, it might contain glitches or technical issues, potentially leading to unintended challenges during gameplay.

System Requirements: New features and improvements might demand higher system specifications, potentially alienating players with lower-end devices.

Gameplay Adjustments: While new features are exciting, they can also demand players to adapt, offering a different experience from previous versions.

In Conclusion

Minecraft 1.20.50 APK is an update that truly stands out, delivering fresh features and enhancements that players shouldn't miss out on. From the Crafter Block to unique biomes, Sniffers, and improved NPC trading, this version breathes new life into the ever-evolving world of Minecraft. For those looking to immerse themselves in a renewed and more vibrant block world, this update is a must-try. As Minecraft continues to grow, let's embark on this limitless journey of creativity and exploration together!

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