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Minecraft 1.20 APK officially launched, a new version filled with new things for continuous creativity in the world of Minecraft. You are wondering what those things are, right? So let's learn more about this v1.20 update right now.

Information about Minecraft

Tên Minecraft
Compatible with Android 6.0 +
Version 1.20
Capacity 205 MB
Category minecraft
Developer Mojang
Price $7.49
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About Minecraft

Minecraft has become an extremely popular game worldwide, attracting players of all ages and backgrounds. Known as an "infinite sandbox," this game allows players to express themselves, creating magical worlds with just a few mouse clicks. With each update, Mojang, the game's official developer, strives to introduce new content, stimulating the creativity and experience of players. With the expected release of the 1.20 APK update, we are once again promised a new and exciting chapter. Now, let's delve deeper into the main features that this version brings.

Overview of the Minecraft 1.20 APK Update for Android

Firstly, we cannot ignore the main theme that this update is aiming for - "self-expression, creativity, and inner motivation." This goes beyond providing you with new tools and customization; it focuses on expanding the interaction between players and their surrounding environments, with the primary goal of allowing each of you to create a unique mark on this vast Minecraft world. Notably, the changes in patterns, shapes, colors, and even the operation of blocks are more unique, enhancing your creative and personal experience every time you play.

Dynamic New Mobs

In the world of Minecraft, creatures, often referred to as "Mobs," play a vital role in creating a lively and diverse environment. In Minecraft 1.20 PE APK, two new members, the Strider and the Sniffer, are officially introduced.

  • Specifically, the Strider, with its unique appearance and ability to thrive in the harsh desert, is not just an excellent mode of transportation but also helps with smoother cargo transport. Additionally, within the desert environment, it allows you to explore remote areas, making your adventures more enjoyable.
  • The Sniffer is a mysterious creature with various surprising abilities. It is sure to bring you joy and assist you in overcoming challenges within the game.

Blossoming Orchid Forests

Minecraft is known for its diverse forests filled with magical colors. This official version of Minecraft 1.20 introduces a new habitat known as the Orchid Forest. The standout feature of this forest is the fresh and vibrant colors of the orchids, creating a romantic and picturesque setting. Venturing deep into this forest, you will experience a peaceful and inspirational environment, perfect for creative endeavors.

Archaeology - Digging into the Past

For history enthusiasts and explorers, the latest Minecraft 1.20 update officially introduces players to the field of archaeology, an exciting new feature. You will have the opportunity to become a renowned archaeologist, personally excavating mysterious regions and uncovering ancient cultural artifacts. From unique patterned ceramics to ancient-era Sniffer eggs, every new discovery in the game will be a unique story, revealing hidden aspects of Minecraft's long history.

New Features & Creativity

New Skin System: This version of Minecraft 1.20 APK introduces seven completely new default skin sets, providing you with more choices and making it easier for you to express your individuality.

Signs: In this Minecraft 1.20 Beta version, the issue of hanging signs is addressed. You are now more flexible than ever in placing signs, eliminating the need to search for suitable locations to put your signs. Signs can now be hung on any block, from the side to below, enhancing creativity and enabling you to create more diverse structures.

Bamboo: In addition to all the above, the Minecraft 1.20 update introduces a new type of wood called bamboo. This wood can not only produce a variety of planks and blocks but can also be crafted into unique scaffolding, allowing you to move on water like a boat.

Redstone & Perforated Books: You can now craft a book with perforations that can interact with Redstone devices. An interesting point is that interacting with the same book twice will emit a Redstone signal, activating the blocks around it. Isn't that intriguing? What are you waiting for? Try this Minecraft 1.20 APK version now!

Title and Future Speculation

Although there isn't an official name for the updates yet, based on the information released on the Minecraft homepage, many speculations have been made, ranging from the "Desert Update" to the "Archaeology Update." This shows that Mojang is fully committed to providing new and exciting content compared to previous versions.


Minecraft 1.20 APK is not just a new update; it's a significant step forward in Minecraft's creative journey. As you've read through this article, you've probably imagined many things with the features outlined above, haven't you? These are the new elements that this version brings. Now, let's experience this new Minecraft 1.20 APK version and immerse ourselves in the exciting and surprising world of Minecraft!


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