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Have you ever heard of the game Last Train JK APK? A game that many people are looking for today. Possessing realistic 3D graphics, accompanied by extremely adorable expressions of the characters in the game, you will definitely like it at first sight. Now, let's not keep you waiting long, let's learn more about this great game together.

Information about Last Train JK

Tên Last Train JK
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Version 1.1
Capacity 24 MB
Category game simulation
Developer Moyasix
Price Free
Path to Play Store

About Last Train JK

Last Train JK APK is a captivating mobile game designed for mobile gaming enthusiasts who enjoy the conquest and simulation genres. Developed by a passionate team of mobile game developers, Last Train JK mobile offers players an excellent experience with high-quality graphics and an engaging storyline full of surprises.

As a Japanese game with 3D anime style, the game delivers authentic emotions that are hard to forget. The expressions on the characters' faces are vividly portrayed, and the game has received high praise from gamers, continuing to attract players even now.


In Last Train JK APKGosu, players take on the role of a high school student named Jin Kazama, who is trapped on the last train during a quiet night. While Jin is on his way home, he discovers that the entire city has been invaded by a strange virus, turning humans into weak creatures who obey without question.

The game revolves around Jin's journey to conquer everything and uncover the mysteries of the enigmatic girls, all of whom are considered extremely mysterious.


Last Train JK Free is a combination of conquest and first-person perspective simulation, providing players with a realistic experience. Players control Jin Kazama as he moves through different levels in a quiet and surprising environment. Players can collect essential items, use their own skills, and find the best way to earn the trust of the mysterious girls.

The game offers players a simulated world full of mysteries and unexpected surprises. Players can explore abandoned dormitories, cold and empty underground passages, and enigmatic rooms. Every decision made by the player affects the storyline and the ultimate outcome.

Graphics and Sound

The latest Last Train JK APK is designed with high-quality 3D graphics, providing players with a vibrant and sweetly hidden environment. Visual and lighting effects are incredibly vivid, creating a fresh atmosphere in the game.

The sound is carefully crafted, from powerful footsteps to soft whispers, adding excitement to players. Moreover, the game's sound brings unexpected emotions that make gamers enthusiastic and unforgettable.

Main Features

- High-quality 3D graphics and incredibly lifelike sound.

- An engaging storyline with multiple choices and different surprising outcomes.

- New characters and various features to provide players with even more surprising experiences.

- Many costumes and actions bring sweetness to each scene in the game.

- Many male and female characters designed in Japanese anime style.


Last Train JK APK android is a game full of exciting exploration with beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline, and diverse gameplay. Players will experience new sensations accompanied by unforgettable scenes. Get ready to prepare yourself and conquer these characters in Last Train JK APKGosu right away.


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