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Information about Isekai Brother

Tên Isekai Brother
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Version 1.0.5
Capacity 44 MB
Category game simulation
Developer Sekai Brother
Price Free
Path to Play Store


About Isekai Brother

Isekai Brother APK is a mobile adventure game in the isekai (parallel world) genre. The game, upon its initial release, garnered millions of players worldwide with its captivating storyline and stunning graphics. With Isekai Brother mobile, players will experience life in a completely new world, exploring fantastical landscapes and luxurious mansions.


In Isekai Brother APK, players take on the role of a young, muscular man named Kazuki. One day, Kazuki is swept into a magical portal and finds himself in a strange new land. There, he meets a fellow traveler named Takeshi, who shares a similar fate of being transported to a modern-day world.

The two friends embark on an exciting adventure, aiming to learn about this new world and conquer its tempting challenges. Along the way, they will encounter many charming female characters, explore mystical lands, and engage with extraordinary temptations.

Features and Functions

Outstanding Graphics and Sound

Isekai Brother, available for free, boasts highly detailed 3D graphics that provide players with a fresh and immersive gaming experience. The in-game sound is equally vibrant, featuring excellent background music that enhances the overall gaming environment.

Expansive Open World and Varied Quests

Isekai Brother download introduces players to a vast and diverse world, featuring luxurious mansions set amidst a variety of unique landscapes. From lush forests to barren deserts, towering mountains to hidden islands, players will encounter a range of beautiful female characters.

The game's quests are equally diverse and engaging. Players must complete main quests and side stories to the best of their abilities. From rescuing charming girls, engaging in dialogues, building trust, to exploring sweet moments, Isekai Brother offers players an unforgettable experience.

Multiplayer Mode

Isekai Brother online features multiplayer capabilities, allowing players to connect and interact within the game world. Players can participate in shared activities and enjoy the sweetest moments together in luxurious homes.

Community and In-Game Events

Isekai Brother offline is not just a game but also a thriving community. Players can share their gaming experiences through the chat feature and communication portal. This community welcomes players from all over the world, fostering an environment for social interaction and cooperation.

Social and Interactive Features

Isekai Brother APK offers numerous social and interactive features, allowing players to indulge in a fulfilling experience. Players can freely explore and manage their emotions, similar to a family, creating more happiness every day.

Continuous Development and Updates

The developers of Isekai Brother are committed to providing players with the best experiences and continuous updates to introduce surprises and new characters, as well as new places for players to explore. This allows the game to continually improve and meet players' expectations.

In addition, Isekai Brother also listens to feedback and suggestions from the player community. They create feedback channels and forums for players to submit ideas, report issues, and contribute new ideas daily. This helps make the game increasingly refined and responsive to player expectations.


Isekai Brother APKGosu is an exciting and diverse isekai adventure game that offers players a captivating and enchanting world. With its engaging storyline and stunning 3D graphics, this game promises an unforgettable journey of exploration and fascination.

Under the dedicated development and continuous updates from the developers, the latest version of Isekai Brother holds the promise of bringing more surprises in the future. Therefore, be ready to join these beautiful adventures, explore the mysteries, and become a true Isekai Brother!

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