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Haunted House APK - Open the door to the haunted world, a game that has caused a fever in the online community today. Belonging to the horror game genre, it possesses many mysteries that make players constantly curious. Specifically, what is this game like? Let's experience it with APKGosu today.

Information about Haunted House

Tên Haunted House
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Version 1.1
Capacity 26.8 MB
Category game simulation
Developer Anonymous
Price Miễn phí
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About Haunted House

Haunted House APK is a mobile game filled with challenges and excitement, boasting high-quality graphics and incredibly lifelike sounds. This game is a standout product in the adventure genre with elements of horror, allowing players to explore a mysterious haunted house.

Created by an anonymous team of game developers, Haunted House APK has never disappointed players. In this game, players will face numerous ghosts, avoid dangerous traps, and solve intricate puzzles to uncover the secrets hidden within this haunted mansion.


In Haunted House APK, players step into the shoes of a young explorer, driven by curiosity to enter a haunted mansion filled with mysteries. Alongside this character, you'll explore dark and perilous corridors, hidden rooms, and treacherous hallways. This house, once the hiding place of a wealthy family, has seen its fair share of unfortunate events, turning it into a local obsession.

Each room in the house holds strange secrets and a series of challenging puzzles. From supernatural phenomena to eerie, looming creatures, you'll need to use your intelligence and bravery to overcome these dangerous obstacles. As the story unfolds, long-hidden secrets in the mansion will be revealed, and you'll face decisions filled with temptation and nightmares that affect the final outcome.

Gameplay Controls

Haunted House APK is designed with simplicity in mind, making the game's user interface friendly and easy to navigate, even for first-time players. In the game, you can freely move your character and interact with various elements in the environment using your mobile device's touchscreen.

Specific function buttons will appear when needed to help you perform special actions in challenging situations or even to defeat ghosts. They may also assist you in discovering important items.

Key Features

High-Quality Graphics: Haunted House APK runs on 3D graphics with exceptional visual effects, creating a truly immersive and eerie atmosphere.

Spine-Chilling Sound: The sound system is thoughtfully crafted, combined with unique background music to give players a thrilling and surprising experience with every scene change, immersing them deeply into the game's horror atmosphere.

Mystery and Challenges: Haunted House APK is filled with countless secrets and intricate puzzles that require players to apply logical thinking and cleverness to overcome each challenge.

Multi-Dimensional Storyline: Players will experience a diverse and rich storyline with constant suspense and mysteries that will keep them engaged.

Open World: Haunted House APK allows players to freely explore the haunted mansion and discover hidden areas with terrifying secrets.


Haunted House APK is a terrifying and challenging adventure game, known for immersing players in a world filled with the supernatural, mysteries, and mystique. With beautiful graphics, lifelike sounds, and a multifaceted storyline, Haunted House APK guarantees to provide players with thrilling and enjoyable moments. Don't believe it? Try it out and see for yourself. Have fun playing!

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