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A survival fighting game, Garena Free Fire APK is suitable for those who love adventure, adventure, dare to try and assert themselves. The game allows up to 50 people to parachute onto an island to search for weapons and items to fight for survival and eliminate other opponents. Players can freely choose the starting location, collect weapons and supplies to prolong the battle process.

Information about Free Fire

Tên Free Fire
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Version 1.104.1
Capacity 400.48 MBB
Category game action
Developer Garena International I
Price Free
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About Free Fire

Free Fire APK is a Battle Royale game combined with FPS shooting that was released to gamers on December 4, 2017. The popularity of Free Fire has never waned after 3 years of release. At the current moment, after 3 years of development, Free Fire has achieved incredibly impressive accomplishments. The download numbers from both Android and iOS operating systems are substantial.

Android downloads have reached 500 million and 100 million downloads for the iOS operating system. Currently, Free Fire APK is being honored with various big and small tournaments like FFAC 2021 and EMEA Invitational 2021. Where gamers can compete with each other, bringing glory to the country on the international stage.

Currently, in the mobile game market, there are completely free versions of Free Fire for Android, allowing gamers to enjoy it to the fullest at APKGosu.

Gameplay of Free Fire APKGosu

Free Fire is an action game where 100 people participate in battles. They will fight with each other in every way possible, using tactics to win and be the last survivor. The difference of this game lies in its special character system and the skills of these characters, which differ from other "Battle Royale" types.

Players can choose to play solo, in pairs, or in teams (3-4 people). When the match starts, players will be on an airplane without any weapons. The system will randomly select the flight path. After landing, players will begin to search for weapons and equipment to fight for survival and defeat other players. On average, a match lasts about 20 minutes, and every few minutes, the map area will shrink randomly, called the "safe zone." Players outside the shrinking area will take damage and if they don't get inside in time, they will die. During the match, red zones will appear randomly, where a threatening firefight will take place with players in that area.

So, gather your teammates to overcome challenges and when you're getting shot too much. Free Fire KC also fosters a team spirit in players, working together to overcome difficulties and creating new and exciting feelings to reduce stress every day.

Notable Features of Free Fire APK - Auto Aim

A Huge Player Base

As mentioned above, this game is always at the top of the charts on Google Play, which is why it has a huge player base of both girls and boys. You can also make friends and get to know your teammates to make winning easier.

You can also join guilds to interact with more people, team up, or challenge each other with your guild members and earn valuable rewards from guild leaders.

Reflexes and Shooting Skills

Garena Free Fire APK involves constant movement, combining quick reflexes with resource utilization, skills, and tactics to create a fast and smart gameplay, picking up weapons to fight and securing victory for yourself.

The game requires players to have excellent reflexes to win, and you can also use the completely free Free Fire Menu version. Moreover, players can also enhance their agility and reflexes through highly skilled shooting scenarios.

Vibrant Sound and Graphics

The character graphics system is incredibly beautiful. Diverse characters, each with their own unique appearance and personality, help gamers experience the game without getting bored, along with beautiful weapon skins that create excitement while playing or showing off to friends.

Regarding sound, the game is designed with near-perfect sound that gives players a lively feeling as if they are standing in a vast world full of bullets, flying...

Diverse Weapon System

The Free Fire APK weapons are diverse with many different types of guns: Submachine guns like MP5, VSS, UMP. Assault rifles with guns like AK, M14, GROZA, M14A1, etc. Additionally, there are short guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more.

Free Fire also has short weapons like knives, pans, etc., for players to use in any situation and maintain their survival capabilities. These weapons will be scattered around the map, so you can pick up your favorite weapons and start your journey to victory.

Many Daily Rewards and Events

When participating, players will experience various game modes and maps, taking advantage of opportunities to win valuable rewards such as diamonds, experience points, gold, and more.

Furthermore, the game also has many daily, weekly, and monthly events that provide players with the chance to earn the most appealing outfits and weapon skins.


If you're looking for a game of adventure, risk, conquest, challenges, and self-affirmation, then downloading Free Fire APK for Android is a perfect choice. Along with beautiful graphics, sound, and diverse character designs, different skills allow players to constantly experience novelty and avoid monotony. So why hesitate? Download Free Fire for Android for free and take action now.

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