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Surely all of us were once a student, studying at school, right? To bring players back to the memories of their youth, today we will learn together about the Game College Brawl APK. This is an extremely interesting school action game that is highly appreciated by many users.

Information about College Brawl

Tên College Brawl
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Version 1.4.1
Capacity 47 MB
Category game action
Developer Supercell
Price Free
Path to Play Store

About College Brawl

The Game College Brawl, Best game today, is known as an action-packed game set in the world of a mobile phone. The game takes place in a long-established university setting, and players take on the role of a character within it to experience new and exciting adventures.

Inside the university, you won't get to enjoy the peaceful life of regular students. Instead, various events unfold, making this game full of surprises waiting to be discovered.

It all starts with turmoil caused by a notorious gang known as Red Kat, who take everything from those around them. This leads to intense battles that make the game even more thrilling.

As a localized action game, the storyline is more than just mindless brawling. Each action, each task is part of a series of events that lead players to glorious rewards and rapid progression on the path to becoming a famous student at the school.

College Brawl APK - An Action-Packed and Intellectually Challenging Game

When you step into the latest version of College Brawl, you play as Ken, a determined student trying to save your friends from danger. You'll need to move around the campus and fight off surrounding foes. Stay calm to handle unexpected situations and secure victory.

At first, you'll only have basic combat abilities. However, as you get used to the game's mechanics, don't forget to collect in-game items that will boost your strength. Weapons are also crucial for defeating your enemies.

Manage Resources and Monitor Your Health in College Brawl

In College Brawl Mobile, your HP is displayed as a health bar that gradually decreases when you take damage. When it runs out, it's game over. Constantly keeping an eye on your health is crucial, as it helps you decide when to pause and recover resources. Managing your resources wisely is key during battles.

Fierce Boss Battles Await

In the latest version of College Brawl, you'll progress through a series of battles, starting with small skirmishes and culminating in an epic showdown with the leader of the Red Kat gang. Winning won't be easy, as it requires planning, strategy, skill, and enduring challenging battles.

Upgraded Features in College Brawl Mobile

In this upgraded Android version of College Brawl, you'll experience even more exciting features. Battles will be more intense, requiring you to learn more skills, become stronger, and smarter to overcome tough opponents on your journey.

New Character Anko in College Brawl APK - A Fierce Female Warrior

In this new version of College Brawl APK, a new character named Anko is introduced. She is Ken's close companion and a fierce female warrior. During your absence, your classmates have been forced to join the Red Kat gang. Ken can't believe his eyes, and now your mission is to successfully rescue Anko and defeat all enemies along the way. Anko's passionate nature and combat skills will greatly assist you in this journey.

Exciting Item Collection and Resource Management

When playing College Brawl online, after each battle, various items such as Sushi, Chicken, and Tofu will drop. These items, when used, will enhance your stamina and HP, allowing you to survive longer in battles.


Coming to Game College Brawl, you will enjoy the best features of a super high school action game. Learning how to fight against people in a notorious gang and gradually become famous is a very interesting and attractive thing, isn't it? So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and experience the free College Brawl game right away.


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