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Do you like driving or not? Do you like to travel or not? Surely all of us share these interests. So today we will show you an extremely optimal solution which is the game Bus Simulator Indonesia APK. It is known that Bus Simulator Indonesia online is a very realistic driving simulation game for phones. Here, everyone can become a shuttle driver to serve passengers traveling everywhere in Indonesia.

Information about Bus Simulator Indonesia

Tên Bus Simulator Indonesia
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Version 4.2
Capacity 807.64 MBB
Category game simulation
Developer Maleo
Price Free
Path to Play Store


About Bus Simulator Indonesia

As a skilled driver with the task of transporting tourists, we will perform pick-ups and drop-offs of tourists to predefined locations on the route. In each challenge, players will have to navigate effectively on the designated roads.

The terrain, distance, traffic conditions, and even the weather will constantly change. These challenges will make the game more difficult for players, but the greater the difficulty, the more rewarding it will be to overcome and receive valuable rewards.

In summary, the gameplay of downloading the latest version of Bus Simulator Indonesia is quite simple. From the control system to the detailed scenery design and the driver's cabin, everything looks very realistic. Therefore, becoming a real driver in the game will help us gain more driving experience in real life as well.

The Bus Fleet System in Bus Simulator Indonesia APK

Publisher Maleo has done a great job simulating popular bus models in Indonesia. Although there are only 6 buses, their design styles are diverse and unique. Among them, there are hooded buses, high-roofed buses, double-decker buses, and more, and if you look closely, you will notice that their engines seem to be quite different.

Looking at the prices of the buses, the cheapest one you can buy is 100,000 Rp, and the most expensive one goes up to 1,800,000 Rp. You can see that the price difference between the 6 buses is quite large. So if you want to experience all of them, you need to work hard.

Download the Latest Version of Bus Simulator Indonesia with Many Customization Options for Buses

In addition to a diverse fleet of buses, Bus Simulator Indonesia APK also allows players to customize the design of their buses.

By going to the Upgrade section, players will see various parts of the bus that they can customize, such as rims, tires, paint colors, headlights, sound systems, interior, and exterior.

Specifically, in the interior/exterior section, you will have over 30 different items to replace or upgrade, making your bus look much better and cooler than before.

Generally, the prices of these upgrades range from 20,000 Rp to 75,000 Rp. So, working diligently is still a must.

Especially, when you change any item on the bus, Bus Simulator Indonesia will require you to download a multimedia package on your device to make the visual changes. This is a very interesting feature that no other simulation game has done before.

Gameplay Modes in Bus Simulator Indonesia for Android

When you start playing, you have three main choices: Free Play, Career Mode, and Multiplayer.

+ First is Multiplayer. Here, players are connected to each other, and Bus Simulator Indonesia allows us to choose servers by region: Europe, Asia, Australia, India, Japan, etc., or the game will automatically take you to the server with the best transmission quality. But don't forget, you need 40,000 Rp and a stable internet connection to play well.

+ Career Mode: Here, there are different missions and rewards specifically for the best-performing players.

+ Free Play: In this mode, you can play as you like. No requirements, no rules, no imposed tasks. It's simply driving, traveling, and enjoying the scenery of Indonesia through the windshield.

Impressive Graphics Design in Bus Simulator Indonesia Online

The graphics design of Bus Simulator Indonesia is built on a beautiful 3D platform. According to the general opinion of many players, this game makes everything feel very realistic. From the Indonesian landscape to the roads, vehicles, landscapes, and buildings, everything is extremely eye-catching. Moreover, the map design is very extensive, which means traveling to all places will take a lot of your time.

Download the Latest Bus Simulator Indonesia for Free

Indonesia seems like a great place to visit and travel, doesn't it? So experiencing exciting journeys right from the comfort of your home with Bus Simulator Indonesia's latest version is a perfect choice right now. Grab your phone and download the latest version of Bus Simulator Indonesia for completely free today. It is sure to provide you with the most exciting journeys in the game and in real life.

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