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Bully: Anniversary Edition APK revives the nostalgic world of Rockstar games with significant improvements. This version of the game, designed specifically for mobile devices, offers improved graphics, engaging gameplay and additional features, taking players on a trip down memory lane. Do you believe? This will be a comprehensive game that brings both compelling storytelling and entertaining gameplay, designed specifically for the generation of mobile gamers.

Information about Bully: Anniversary Edition

Tên Bully: Anniversary Edition
Compatible with Android 8.0 +
Capacity 2 GB
Category game action
Developer Rockstar Games
Price $6.99
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About Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully APK is an interesting game with a classic style for mobile devices. Adapted from the PlayStation version, it officially brings the much-loved Rockstar game to mobile devices, creating vivid experiences about the life of Jimmy Hopkins, a student at the famous Bullworth Academy.

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK features high-definition graphics, optimized controls for all touchscreen devices, and additional content. It includes all content from the original game and Fellowship Edition, along with unique mini-games and multiplayer challenges. Furthermore, the game takes players through an engaging storyline set in an interactive school environment, complete with quests, classes, and a host of other characters to interact with.

The Evolution to Anniversary Edition

First introduced on PlayStation 2, Bully APK was quickly recognized for its engaging and fresh storytelling, creating a difference between the school setting and the classic style. Fast forward to the Anniversary Edition, designed specifically for iOS and Android, which breathes new life into the classic gameplay, infusing it with novel and notable enhancements for the device gaming audience. modern mobile device.

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK stands out with excellent visual improvements. The Anniversary Edition of the game is also enriched, with high-resolution textures, more vivid lighting, and beautiful, realistic character models. What's more, the improvements to the game's graphics don't simply look good, they also greatly enhance all players' immersion in the vivid, detailed world of Bullworth Academy.

Gameplay and Setting

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK free retains the essence of the original game version. The player still gets to play as James Jimmy Hopkins, a rebellious teenager enrolled in an Academy called Bullworth. The game is set in a large open world environment, offering an extremely attractive mix of action, adventure and role-playing elements.

Bully APK has always focused on navigating the social hierarchy of the old school and town of Bullworth. You will have to participate in many missions, including various side missions, with the purpose of unlocking new stories for Jimmy. The game was also praised for its storytelling that explores themes of adolescence and social cliques in a classic high school setting.

One of the unique aspects of Bully is its class system. Players attend classes, which are mini-games, each offering unique challenges and skills. From English to Chemistry, each class enhances Jimmy's abilities in some way, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay.

Mobile Gaming Experience

On mobile devices, Bully: Anniversary Edition APK has been adapted to offer a comfortable gaming experience. The controls are redesigned to suit touchscreens, with customizable layouts to suit different preferences. The game also includes physical controller support, making it more accessible for players used to traditional gaming setups.

Multiplayer and New Additions

One notable addition in the Anniversary Edition is a multiplayer feature called Challenge Friends. This is also the type of mini-game and story of head-to-head classes, in which players will have to compete directly with each other. This is also what adds a competitive edge to the game, bringing a new dimension to the original playing experience.

Reception and Impact

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK has received widespread acclaim, impressing both critics and gamers. This upgraded version is especially noted for how it maintains the distinct charm and enthralling narrative of the original game while updating it to match modern gaming standards. Its engrossing story, meticulously designed missions, and the polished quality of the overall update have earned high marks, appealing to both longtime fans and those new to the adventures at Bullworth Academy.

Tips for Playing Bully: Anniversary Edition Latest Version

Attend Classes: Classes are mini-games that provide useful skills and abilities. Prioritize attending them to gain advantages throughout the game.

Explore Thoroughly: Bullworth Academy is full of secrets and collectibles. Exploring can lead to unique items and side missions.

Manage Relationships: Interacting with different groups and characters can influence your gameplay. Building good relationships can provide allies and assistance.

Utilize Save Points: Regularly save your game at your dorm to avoid losing progress.

Experiment with Strategies: Different missions might require unique approaches. Don't hesitate to try various strategies to overcome challenges.

Master the Controls: Spend time getting comfortable with the touchscreen controls or connect a controller for a more traditional gaming experience.


Bully: Anniversary Edition APK delivers a special reinterpretation of the much-loved original, brought to life seamlessly on mobile devices. This game has succeeded in capturing extremely engaging storytelling characteristics and is loved by many players. Especially right with the first released version, and also the version that also integrates modern gaming and graphics features that meet the current expectations of the gaming community. Bully: Anniversary Edition APK combines elements of adventure, strategic planning, and role-playing in an engaging story, delivering the ultimate role-playing gaming experience.

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