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Angry Birds Space APK, released in 2012, transforms the Angry Birds series with space physics and vivid graphics. Featuring new birds with unique abilities, the game blends challenging, fun gameplay with educational elements through a NASA partnership, enhancing its appeal and impact in mobile gaming.

Information about Angry Birds Space

Tên Angry Birds Space
Compatible with Android 4.4 +
Version 2.2.14
Capacity 47.3 M
Category game arcade
Developer Rovio Entertainment
Price Free
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About Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space APK , developed by Rovio Entertainment, represents a unique and captivating expansion of the Angry Birds series, which originally captivated audiences worldwide with its simple yet addictive gameplay. Launched in March 2012, this installment introduced a fresh twist to the classic Angry Birds formula by incorporating the theme of space and the physics associated with it.

Gameplay Mechanics in Angry Birds Space APK

The most notable feature of Angry Birds Space APK downloadis the introduction of space-based physics. Unlike the original games, where gravity was a constant force, this version sees the birds flung through space, encountering varied gravitational fields from different celestial bodies. This innovation required players to think differently, considering gravity wells of nearby planets to curve the flight path of their birds, making the gameplay both challenging and refreshing.

Diverse Levels and Environments in Angry Birds Space APK Mobile

Angry Birds Space boasts a plethora of levels set across different space-themed environments. Each level presents unique challenges, with obstacles and pigs positioned in a manner that requires strategic planning and precise execution. The game introduced new types of birds with special abilities, adding depth and variety to the strategies players could employ.

Stellar Graphics and Sound of Angry Birds Space APK for Android

The game's graphics are a notable upgrade from its predecessors, with more detailed and vibrant visuals. The space theme allowed for creative and colorful level designs, with backgrounds featuring distant galaxies, nebulas, and starfields, providing a visually stunning experience. The sound design complements the graphics, with an engaging soundtrack and the familiar, satisfying sounds of birds crashing into structures.

Educational Aspect of Angry Birds Space APK Latest Version

Interestingly, Angry Birds Space APK also had an educational component. Rovio partnered with NASA to bring an educational element to the game, teaching players about gravity and space exploration. This collaboration not only added authenticity to the game's space theme but also made it a tool for learning, appealing to both children and adults.

Cultural Impact and Reception of Angry Birds Space APK Download

Upon its release, Angry Birds Space received widespread acclaim for its innovative mechanics and engaging design. The game earned accolades for rejuvenating the series and infusing fresh depth into its gameplay. Rapidly ascending to cultural phenomenon status, akin to its forerunners, it played a vital role in cementing the Angry Birds franchise as a cornerstone in the realm of mobile gaming.


Angry Birds Space APK stands out as a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile gaming. Its combination of innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, educational value, and overall fun factor not only entertained millions of players around the world but also expanded the reach and impact of the Angry Birds franchise. It's a testament to how creativity and innovation can keep a game series fresh and engaging even after several iterations.

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