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8 Ball Poll APK is the most popular 8 Ball Billiards simulation game on phones today. Developed by Mini Clip – A very famous game company on mobile phones, the game is very successful when it is published on app stores with more than 500 million downloads and is rated 4.5 stars. With many interesting simulations, the game promises to bring you extremely relaxing moments.

Information about 8 Ball Pool

Tên 8 Ball Pool
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Version 55.4.3
Capacity 121.2 MBB
Category game sports
Developer Miniclip.com
Price Free
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About 8 Ball Pool

Are you a billiards enthusiast? Do you love playing 8-ball pool, relishing the excitement of sinking those balls into pockets and celebrating your victories with exhilaration? Congratulations! You've found the right game. That's precisely 8 Ball Pool APKGOSU – an extremely popular game in recent times. 8 Ball Pool APK isn't just popular due to its advertising campaigns on various platforms, but it's also popular for the excitement and allure of the game, promising to immerse players in the world of billiards. Here, there are only winners and challengers, and the true victor is the one who is more strategic, logical, and keeps a cool head in crucial battles.

Optimally Perfected Physics System

When it comes to the game of billiards, what we are most concerned about is its physics system. Why is that? Because this is a crucial experience for players, determining whether the game truly simulates real-life billiards or not. And the great news is, 8 Ball Pool offers you an optimally perfected physics experience.

This is the result of the developer's dedication through numerous improvements and upgrades to this game. Now, every ball collision, every ball's movement path, every surface contact, the decrease in trajectory, the force applied to the balls, and the speed of ball movement, all feel incredibly realistic. You'll be pleasantly surprised, thinking you're playing a real-life billiards game rather than on your phone.

Gameplay of 8 Ball Pool APK

The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is based on the 8-ball billiards game and adheres to international rules. Each match has 15 balls, each with a different color and numbered from 1 to 7 and 9 to 15. Your task is to use the white ball and sink the other balls into pockets, ultimately sinking the 8-ball to become the winner. When you sink at least one ball into a pocket, you get to continue playing. Otherwise, you pass your turn to your opponent.

The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is designed to be very user-friendly. In the game, the cue's aiming line is automatically positioned on the white ball. Your task is simply to adjust the aim by swiping with your fingers, and control the power meter by dragging the cue to shoot the other balls into pockets. Additionally, the long aiming line in 8 Ball Pool assists you in making accurate shots. Pay attention to timing your shot power effectively, as the longer you hold, the stronger the shot. To become a true billiards player, you must master the finesse of gameplay while keeping a cool head in challenging matches.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in 8 Ball Pool are generally simple, not overly colorful but not too plain either. They provide a realistic view of the shooting angles and paths. You can easily control them right from the moment you step into the game.

The sound improvements in 8 Ball Pool APK are also one of the noteworthy features. Now, the sounds of balls colliding, hitting the edges, and the sounds of balls sinking all provide a lively experience, making you feel like you're on a real billiards table. They will certainly not disappoint you.

Game Levels

If you're a regular player of games from MiniClip, you won't be unfamiliar with the play modes of most games created by this company. In 8 Ball Pool APK, you have 5 different levels representing 5 famous cities worldwide: London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. To play in any of these cities, you have to pay an entry fee for the match. Each city has a different entry fee that increases progressively.

If you win, you get back double the entry fee (x2). Conversely, if you lose, you lose your entry fee. So, choose the city that suits your skill level and avoid emptying your pockets.

Play Modes

You don't have to worry about the play modes being dull in 8 Ball Pool APK, as the game offers you three different play modes:

  • Random Pairing: In this mode, the game's algorithm will automatically find a random opponent for you to play against.
  • Play with Friends: Easily befriend your friends and invite them to a real billiards match. Prove your skills against your friends in this mode.
  • Tournament Mode: This is a unique play mode that allows you to create a small tournament with 8 players and find the champion. Additionally, you can also join tournaments organized by others. Strive for victory or go as far as you can to earn some extra cash.

Gifts and Exciting Items

The items in 8 Ball Pool are available in the Pool Shop, where you can purchase various accessories and powerful tools to aid you on your journey to becoming a professional billiards player.

Furthermore, the game also offers a variety of daily events and gifts. To optimize your in-game wealth, be sure to participate in these events regularly and claim your rewards. Another option is to use the in-game currency to enjoy the game without worrying too much about your finances.


8 Ball Pool APK Anti-Ban is a top-notch billiards game that perfectly simulates real-life billiards. Besides being a fun pastime, the game can also be a useful tool for practicing your 8-ball pool skills. Download the latest version of 8 Ball Pool from APKGOSU and dive into intense billiards matches today.

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